Meet the Teams

Take a good look. These people just might change the world. They're the engineers, thinkers, and industry experts who are working to build the next-generation turbine engine.

  • Volta Volaré - The Electric Flight Company

    Volta Volaré is a world technology leader and EViation industry pioneer. We are professional designers, engineers, and integrators of breakthrough EV technology and are headquartered in beautiful Portland, Oregon, the heart of the Silicon Forest.<br />Paul Peterson, CEO. Mr. Peterson has been actively engaged in the development, integration & commercialization of renewable energy technology for over 20 years, including the development of high-performance electric vehicles. Paul has led a team of professionals in the design, engineering and manufacturing of the world’s most efficient turbines and the first high performance hybrid electric aircraft and UAVs. He has developed prototypes, production models and built world-class engineering & sales teams to deliver paradigm-changing products and services.<br />Storm Williams, COO. Before coming to Volta Volaré, Storm Williams spent the last 20 years working with high tech companies that were developing new, cutting edge technologies. His aviation and engineering background has led him to work with manufacturing high performance aircraft and alternative fuel powered cars. He led an Automotive X Prize team with a hydrogen powered entry. In his spare time he manages, a soldier support charity he founded after 9-11, which has been featured in everything from Oprah to People Magazine. <br /> General Merrill A. McPeak, Director. Merrill McPeak (retired 4 star) was the 14th Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, former Secretary of theAir Force, and is the recipient of the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit (2), the Distinguished Flying Cross (2), and 13 Air Medals with oak leaf cluster. General McPeak serves as a member of Volta Volares Board of Directors, and formerly served as Chairman of Tektronix Corporation, a Director of TWA and several global Fortune 500 corporations.<br />Colonel Daniel M. Skotte, Director. Colonel Skotte currently serves as the 146th Medical Group Commander for the California Air National Guard, responsible for the medicalreadiness of the 1,200 members comprising two flying squadrons, associate squadrons and support units. Colonel Skotte graduated from the USAF Academy in 1972 and has enjoyed a distinguished career with assignments including working on the original GPS satellite development for the Space and Missile Systems Organization (SAMSO) and other USAF Space Assets.<br />Matt Jore, Director. Matt Jore serves Volta Volare as a member of its Board of Directors, and also as CEO of one of Volta Volares key technology partners, CORE Innovation. Mr. Jore founded CORE, and subsidiaries/sister companies Boulder Wind Power and CORE Motion, to commercialize the worlds most efficient and lightweight electric motors and generators of his and his teams invention. Matt has over 25 years’ experience as a technology innovator and team leader in the industrial electric motor and generator industry.<br />Erik Lindbergh, Advisor. Erik Lindbergh, grandson of the world-renowned aviation pioneer Charles A. Lindbergh, serves on Volta Volares Board of Advisors, as well as directing global aviation and aerospace advancement initiatives from within the X Prize organization, LEAP (Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize), Powering Imagination and The Innovators.<br />Alex C. Vollmer, Engineer. Mr. Vollmer is a skilled engineer and designer, who has been actively involved in the development of the Aurora Turbine from concept through all stages of commercialization. Alex is intimately familiar with all aspects of the Aurora Turbine, from design to parts fabrication and assembly, and integration with multiple platforms & applications.<br />David A. Peterson, Engineering Intern. Mr. Peterson is a bright and ambitious young engineering student, an active pilot and Air Force Academy candidate. His penchant for process efficiency and meticulous attention to detail enables the team to function with expediency and perform to high standards.

  • Jonathan Livingston Sargent

    Staff Mechanical Engineer for Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

  • JLB

    Mr. Julio Lopez-Brito is a seasoned entrepreneur, private investor and corporated development executive. He has an MBA (’83) and M.Phil (’84) Finance from New York University’s Stern Graduate Business School. He is currenty based in Miami, Florida.

  • Gargoyle 25

    Team Gargoyle 25 has one member, Richard Salazar. He has several advanced aviation degrees from CCAF and Air University.

  • Turbine Innovations

    The Turbine Innovations, LLC core team has more than 90-years’ of related experience and results in innovative engine and air frame design, technology, prototyping, operation, distribution and commercialization. Team members’ record of accomplishments include forming, launching, growing and returning value for small, medium and Fortune 10 technology-business stakeholders in numerous technology sectors.

  • Isakson Engineering

    Dr. Isakson has degrees in Physics, Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering. He also has over 40 years in industry as a design engineer. This combined experience makes him the proper JOATMON to achieve this challenge.

  • TurboTorq Power Systems

    TurboTorq Power Systems creates advanced gas turbine engines for UAV Engineers who want power when it really matters

  • Brayton Energy

    Brayton Energy is an accomplished developer of microturbines and small gas turbines, with over 20 years of experience in the field. Our team specializes in small turbomachinery design, ceramic hot sections, low emission combustion, recuperators, and high-speed rotor systems including air bearings. Facilities include recuperator manufacturing, CNC machining and prototype fabrication, three special purpose turbomachinery test cells, two gas turbine combustion test cells, and a high-temp heat exchanger testing lab.

  • ION Green Solutions

    Team Ion Green Solutions has one member, Devintrey Adams. He has several advanced aviation and engineering certifications from the United States Navy Air Maintenance Training Group Detachment, NAS North Island, San Diego, CA; the Air Technical Training Center Pensacola, FL; and the Technical Training Unit, NAS, North Island San Diego, CA Center for Naval Aviation to identify, operate, troubleshoot, engineer and repair AC/DC mobile electrical power plant systems. To address the challenges of this competition it is planned to integrate self-perpetuating electromagnetic energy with a gas turbine engine and to use Hexagonal Boron Nitride to eliminate or recycle any EMF that may be produced. The idea is to increase the power output of the turbine engine through electromagnetic energy versus increasing its power output with fuel.

  • Team BugJug

    Team BugJug has been working on the design and development of a small, fuel-efficient turboshaft engine for a number of years. While we did not design our engine with the Air Force Prize in mind, we welcome the prize competition as a spur to action and a chance to put our ideas to the test.<br />Team Members:<br />Paul Schwiesow, team leader: Paul has been passionate about fuel economy and innovation since an early age. His contributions to the team include the overall engine concept, project management, research, interfacing with suppliers and fabrication specialists, and project documentation.<br />Ronald Schwiesow, chief designer: Ron is an accomplished senior research engineer and holder of multiple U.S. and international patents. He has strong knowledge of various gasoline and diesel-powered internal combustion engines, and he created the detailed design of critical engine components.<br />Dino Tomassetti, Jr., gas turbine specialist / engine systems architect: Dino has many years of experience with the design, prototyping, and modification of both small gas turbines and high-output turbocharged piston engines. In addition to a wealth of knowledge and hands-on building skills, he brings the organizational background of a successful business owner and chief executive.

  • TurbineZ

    Zachary Berggren is an Aerospace and Mechanical engineer who manages a testing laboratory for a cryogenic valve manufacturer.